Teror, The green heart of Gran Canaria


Teror has several reasons to be one of the preferred places on your visit to the island of Gran Canaria. It combines history, monuments and nature, but at the same time is unquestionably a reference to religion and traditions of the Canary Islands.

Getting to know Teror is a magical experience for any visitor. Its impressive Basilica, sanctuary of Patron Saint of the Diocese of the Canary Islands ‘Virgen del Pino, its historical surroundings, its mountains and landscapes give it a special charm for those looking for a peaceful place to spend a few peaceful hours or even days.

Teror is a place of tranquillity despite the close proximity it has from the capital of the island. It is a place of walks and pilgrims that cross and meet; of welcoming and hardworking people, very connected to the fields and the land; of merchants, craftspeople and artists who have reflected in their plastic, musical or literary creations the mark that this place has left on them.

The municipality of Teror has a wide range of activities to do. Here is a list of the "must see" of the village so you can choose what you prefer best.

Teror, un lugar de interés

El municipio de Teror dispone de una amplia oferta de actividades para hacer. Aquí te dejamos un listado con los "más buscados" de la villa para que puedas ver según tus intereses.